Mohawk Paper 100% Recycled White Paper

Printing services offers 100% recycled paper. Not only is it recycled, but it is created through sustainable practices.

According to Mohawk:
“Every good product starts at the source. And paper is no exception. In our case, all of our papers begin with fiber, water and energy; critical natural resources that we have never taken for granted. And because we care about the environment and are committed to a sustainable future, we source pulp from sustainable forests, we use recycled fiber, we conserve water, and we harness wind power for our mills’ electrical energy. Our customers might not know all this when they touch our paper, but they are witnessing the culmination of careful material sourcing and time-perfected techniques.”

Tree Zero Paper

  • 100% recyclable and carbon neutral paper products made from recycled sugarcane waste fiber (not tree pulp).
  • Environmentally conscious option that reduces both carbon emissions and deforestation
  • Excellent print quality when compared to regular recycled paper and generates less dust in machinery.
  • TreeZero assesses the full life cycle of their products and develop programs and affirmative supplier requirements to reduce impacts on deforestation, climate change and waste generation and promotion of the circular economy.

Ricoh Managed Print

  • The RICOH MP C2504exSP energy-efficiency credentials include EPEAT® Gold (EPEAT is a global environmental rating system for electronic products) and ENERGY STAR®.
  •  Motion sensor technology powers up the operation panel in one second.
  • Save paper with automatic double-sided printing and the combine copy/N-Up Print.
  • Easily recycle toner cartridges and containers.
  • Best-in-class typical electricity consumption (TEC) values


Toner Recycling Program



60-80% of toner cartridges go directly into the trash and end up in landfills (that’s over 350 million!). It takes over 1,000 years for a print cartridge to fully decompose in a landfill site. Recycling 100,000 print cartridges saves 9,599 kilograms of aluminum, 40 tons of plastic, and 1 million liters of oil. Reduce your impact by recycling toner cartridges.


University drivers will pick up all used toner cartridges if placed with outgoing mail. If a department doesn’t have a pick up scheduled, place the used toner cartridges near the building mailbox for pickup.  Please ensure boxes are clearly marked for Surplus Property. You can also contact Surplus Property at or 412-624-6500 to request a pickup.