About the Initiative

The University’s objective is to reduce the overall printing cost to University departments and schools. Help support the University initiative by reducing the number of printing devices, cartridge storage and overall waste.

How it Works


In order to benefit from this program, Ricoh performs an assessment of your current print devices by taking two reads within a single month. This helps Ricoh benchmark your current print volume and provide an assessment package for your administrative office to review and determine if this program is right for your area.

Determine Ricoh Device & Start Printing

The assessment generally identifies areas where multiple desktop print devices are in close proximity and suggest that the print volume be shifted to a new Ricoh multi-function device (MFD). The more volume you shift to the MFD, the better the model provided.

The Ricoh devices selected by the University are base models. This program is a "Click Rate" program with all service and supplies included (except paper). Therefore the model you receive is dependent on the volume you shift away from desktop printers.

Optional: Add Accessories

Base models were chosen to keep the click rate low for departments who do not require accessories. If your department or school would like an accessory added to you MFD, please describe what you need in the Contact Us form and a Ricoh representative will provide your department with additional information about your selection.


Your department is charged monthly by inter-department charge (IDC) for your print device’s meter usage. If you have chosen an accessory that is not part of the agreement, your department will incur a one-time fee for the purchase of the accessory.

Program Exceptions

Accommodating Operational Need:

Departments and Schools may opt out of the assessment process to select a Ricoh multi-function device(MFD) and compatible accessories based on operational need. Current MFDs on the "Click Rate" program may be upgraded and additional MFDs may be selected based on operational need not impression volume.

Underutilized MFD:

Printing Services and Ricoh monitor the print volume for MFDs on the "Click Rate" program. If a MFD is determined to be underutilized, Printing Services will send a written request providing 60 days to shift volume to the MFD. Additional options include removal, model downsize, keep, and upgrade. There is no cost to have a Ricoh device removed. Downsizing the Ricoh model satisfies the "Click Rate" program. Keeping or upgrading the Ricoh device due to operational need will move then Ricoh device from the "Click Rate" program to "Program Exceptions."

Program Exceptions Fees:

MFDs that are determined to be exceptions to the "Click Rate" program will require the department to pay a monthly minimum fee in addition to the monthly "Click Rate" program fees.

Department Responsibilities

Power and outlet configuration to operate device and accessories, network port, fax line when applicable, paper supplies, placing service calls, maintain equipment supply levels, provide purchase orders for rush supply shipments, repair or replacement cost for MFD or accessory damaged by department, and perform general MFD maintenance. General maintenance includes cleaning the document glass, adding paper, following onscreen instructions to clear paper jams, and replacing toner bottles.


 A Ricoh representative is ready to help.

Online Registrations, Supply & Service Requests

Register your Ricoh Multi-Factor Device (MFD):
  1. Browse to www.myricoh.com
  2. Click to "Register New User"
  3. Complete the required fields: Your email address will be your username.
  4. Create a Password.
  5. Enter the equipment ID located on the device front panel.
  6. Click "Continue."
  7. Confirm the information and "Continue to User Details."
  8. Enter your contact information, then "Continue and Review."
  9. Confirm all information and then "Finish Registration."
  10. Log into your account.
  11. Add additional devices by clicking the "Equipment Service & Supplies" tab.
  12. Search your next Equipment ID then click "Add."
  13. Added devices will appear in your Equipment Tab.
Supply Requests:
  1. Browse to www.myricoh.com.
  2. Log in using your email address and password.
  3. Click on the "Equipment Service & Supplies" tab.
  4. Find your device on the list or search for your Equipment ID number.
  5. Click on "Order Supplies."
  6. Select supply and quantity then click "Add to Cart."
  7. To order supplies for another device, click "Continue Shopping."
  8. Click "Checkout" when done.
  9. Confirm the Shipping Address and "Continue to Billing Details."
  10. Confirm Billing Details and "Review and Place Order."
  11. Click on "Place Your Order."
  12. You should get a confirmation number and a UPS tracking number via email.
  13. Standard shipping included in the Pitt agreement is 3-5 business days.
  14. Ricoh will invoice for Rush Shipment fees.
Service Requests:
  1. Browse to www.myricoh.com
  2. Log in using your email address and password.
  3. Click on the "Equipment Service & Supplies" tab.
  4. Find your device on the list or search for your Equipment ID number.
  5. Click on "Need Service?"
  6. Select a problem type then click "Go."
  7. Select "Continue."
  8. Select "I did not use Chat or Knowledge Base," then click "Continue to Service."
  9. Describe the problem.
  10. Business hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm Mon-Fri. Service outside of this timeframe may incur billable service hours.
  11. Add additional contacts if necessary.
  12. Do not enter a purchase order number.
  13. Click "Continue to Review."
  14. Review your service request.
  15. Click "Submit" to place the service call.
  16. Ricoh acknowledgment is one hour and response time for on-site service is four hours of operation from 8:30am-5:00pm.



Program Contact Information

Ricoh Sales Team:

Client Executive
Patrick Martin

On-Campus Support Team:
Device Set-up, Training & Technical Support

Bill Heinzel
(412) 737-8499
Meter Read Reporting & Equipment Move Requests
David Falcione
(412) 383-8015

University of Pittsburgh Support:
Program Manager

Bob Fitzgerald
(412) 383-7510